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Silverfish Infestation Thiensville, WI

A Silverfish infestation in Thiensville is no fun. Are you a little embarrassed when you have a visitor around and a nasty, silver fish bug scampers across the floor for all to see?

If you have a silverfish infestation don’t worry, you’re not alone, they are unfortunately quite common little household pests and not too hard to get rid of if you follow the correct procedure.

silverfish infestation
Silverfish Infestation

Before you try to get rid of these unwelcome guests, it’s important to understand them. Many people will just get a load of suitable poison and lay it about, killing a great many silverfish, but only to see them cropping up again a few weeks later. They can be notoriously hard to get rid of, unless you understand what causes a silverfish infestation in Wisconsin in the first place.

Silverfish Bugs Thiensville, Wisconsin

1. Living Conditions for the Silverfish Insect

The number one thing you need to consider with silverfish bugs is that they are in your home for a reason. Not all homes are suitable places for these pests. They love warmth, moisture and darkness.

So any areas of your home with a lot of moisture or dampness is perfect for them. A few common areas are the bathroom, around the shower base if you regularly leave a wet floor. In the kitchen under the fridge or behind cupboards. In a damp basement or in the attic, near the boiler. If you can identify places which give warmth and excess moisture and take steps to dry them out you are half way there already.

They also love dark little nooks and crannies, especially cracks in the floorboards. So you should go about reducing these by filling in all the cracks you can find.

This part is also key because the female silverfish bugs lay their eggs in these little cracks, and they are impossible to see. The breeding cycle is 3 to 4 weeks, so if you kill all the silverfish in your home, but haven’t filled in the cracks, then the hidden eggs will soon hatch and you’ll have the next generation to deal with. And mark my words, there are eggs hidden around, these bugs breed like rabbits.

2. Silverfish Insects Like Easy Access to Food

Silverfish insect will eat all kinds of things. They enjoy many of the same foods we do, such as cereals and corn-based foods. But they love starch in any form, even in the glue binding books and magazines lying around your home. And they will even eat some parts of your clothes if you leave garments lying around as well.

Before you kill them off you have to make it very difficult for their offspring to survive if they should hatch from hidden eggs. Make sure you are not leaving them an easy feast every day.

3. An Easy Way In for the Silverfish Insect

Silverfish bugs are naturally found in the wild. They only come into people’s homes if they can find an easy way in, and of course if the home is a good place for them to live for the reasons mentioned above. If you go around poisoning all the silverfish in Thiensville without finding and closing the entrance, then what is to stop more from entering.

Thiensville Tips To Get Rid of Silverfish in House

If you have a silverfish infestation then you may already be tearing your hair out while trying to figure out how to get rid of it. Silverfish are not like other insects – they are hardy and fast and demand a different strategy to be exterminated. In this article, I’ll share with you three key tips that you need to know to get rid of a silverfish infestation.

Kill Silverfish

Tip 1 – These Guys Are Different!

Silverfish do not have a big mother queen insect that produces all the young. With ants, you can feed them poison and they will return to the heart of the nest where others will then also die. With silver fish in Wisconsin, this strategy will not work.

Silverfish don’t live around a queen, they just live wherever they can. Usually they live in dark, moist areas. If you have any leaky pipes (no matter how small the leak) then this is a prime place to set up camp for a silverfish.

You need to check for leaks and block up and cracks and crevices that you find because this is where the silverfish are coming from.

Tip 2 – Take Their Food Source Away

Like all pests, if you take away their food sources then they will usually either die, or leave in search of nutrition elsewhere.

So, what do silverfish eat? Silverfish live on carbohydrates. Unfortunately, they can survive for up to a year without any food at all! This makes it especially important to keep food sources away from them.

Carbohydrates are basically sugars and starches. Silverfish will eat paper, cardboard, clothes, spilled stick sauces etc. Any documents should be locked up and kept out of sight. Clothes should be kept secure in a wardrobe or drawers.

If you don’t do these things then you’ll find your documents full of holes and your clothes full of disgusting yellow stains. Don’t risk it!

Tip 3 – Change The Environment

Silverfish need food and moisture to live. To get rid of a silverfish infestation, you need to get rid of both.

Start by using a vacuum cleaner around your house. Silverfish will even eat on the hairs that have fallen off your head! So you need to be vigilant and make sure there are no hairs or crumbs on your floor.

Also, silverfish love damp conditions. If you live in damp conditions and you have no leaks then you might want to invest in a dehumidifier or at least run your air conditioning a bit more often. This can make a big change to your existing problems.

Thiensville Silverfish Exterminator

If you have an infestation of these troublesome little bugs, you don’t necessarily need to pay a couple of hundred bucks for a Thiensville silverfish exterminator to get rid of them. Good silverfish extermination just comes down to following the right steps and there’s no reason why you can’t get rid of them yourself within a week or two.

The key is to understand their living and eating habits, and also their breeding cycle. Silverfish have a remarkably long lifespan for an insect, and they breed like rabbits. Adult female silverfish will live up to 3 years and they can lay eggs throughout their entire adults lives, giving birth to hundreds of offspring. When it comes to extermination it’s the eggs in a silverfish that often lead to problems.

Here is the number one mistake people make trying to exterminate silverfish in their homes. Many people just get some silverfish poisons and kill off dozens of silverfish around their home, only to start seeing more of them 3 or 4 weeks later, as the new generation starts crawling out to find food.

They will lay their eggs in little cracks and crevices around your home, and if you don’t either fill in these gaps, or lay out salt or poison in them, you will miss the eggs, which are very hard to see.

The second reason why silverfish can reappear a few weeks after extermination is that you haven’t dealt with the real sources of the problem. And effective silverfish extermination requires realizing why you have this problem, and changing the conditions so that when you kill the existing ones off, more don’t come into your home to take up residence.

Also, to deal with the egg problem, fill in any cracks you find along walls, floor tile, or base boards.

Then you want to remove their food supply. Silverfish eat many things from your cereals, to the bindings of your books (they love the starch in the glue). They eat mold and mildew, so make sure you don’t have any in your bathroom. They even eat your clothes. It’s certainly worth researching to find further sources of silverfish food. You want to get this job done well so you only have to do it once.

Once you have blocked their entrance, removed food sources, and cleaned up damp areas, you are ready to get rid of silverfish for good. You can now be sure the your silverfish exterminator has a well prepped house and is ready for the actual silverfish extermination. The experts use good silver fish traps and silver fish poisons. You should find that once they’re gone, this time it’s for good.

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